What Happens During An Eye Exam?

One reason why many people in the Castle Rock area don’t consider getting their eyes examined is that they aren’t sure about what happens during the examination process. We at Meadows Eye Care want to ease your worries by providing details on what happens when you visit a Castle Rock eye doctor.

Reviewing Your History

Your Castle Rock eye doctor will start by asking about your health and vision history. Your doctor can identify potential concerns by looking at your prior history.

Testing Eye Muscles

The eye doctor will then complete an eye muscle movement test. The doctor will review your eyes as they move while you follow a unique target moving in many directions. The test reviews how your eyes are aligned and how your eye muscles can respond to changes.

The Visual Acuity Test

You will undergo a visual acuity test during your exam. The test entails reviewing letters on a chart from a distance. The letters get smaller as you move down the chart. Each eye undergoes a test to see how well you can see things from a distance.

The Cover Test

A cover test entails staring at a target from a distance while an eye is covered. The doctor will cover an eye and observe how your eyes move when looking at the target. The doctor will monitor if your eye starts moving away from the target.

Refraction Review

A refraction test will utilize light waves that bend while passing through the cornea and lens. The process will identify refractive errors based on how the light rays focus on the back part of the eye. Any observed errors will reveal that the patient requires special corrections through glasses or contact lenses or a surgical procedure.

Slit Lamp Test

A Castle Rock eye doctor can also conduct a slit lamp or biomicroscopy test. The slit lamp will light the front of the eye and review the cornea, lens, iris, and back of the eye to identify potential conditions.

Retina Dilation

While this may not be necessary for all patients, your eye doctor might conduct a retinal review or ophthalmoscopy test. The doctor will dilate the pupils with a solution and use an ophthalmoscope to see the blood vessels leading to the retina and the optic nerve. The test identifies how well blood flows in the eye.

A Castle Rock eye doctor will complete all these tests to ensure your eyes are functional and healthy. The doctor can also identify potential eye-related concerns through these tests. Contact us at Meadows Eye Care every year to see how well your eyes are working and if they need further help.

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