Textedly Review: How Good Is It Really?

Textedly (fromĀ textedly.com) is a text-based marketing platform that allows you to market yourself and your business to potential customers. While not the most feature-rich SMS option out there, they don’t claim to be, instead offering some very impressive per-text message rates as well as numerous free tools and options.

In this review, we’ll go over many of the things offered by Textedly so you can understand exactly how good the platform is and what you can reasonably use it for.

#1. User Experience

Textedly works as an in-browser dashboard that has a neatly presented layout with everything you need immediately on display. At its left side, you are able to access much of its different menu options, ranging from message history, subscriber count, sent messages, new numbers, as well as the option to enable voice calls.

Many of these different available options, when chosen, open a navigation bar that is easily useable (though some tools are harder to find than others).

#2. Features & Offerings

Textedly, while not the feature juggernaut that some other SMS marketing options are, still does have its fair share of options to play with. Not only that, the options that it does have are all critical for business functions and ensuring your product is effectively marketed out to clients.

  • Keyword Templates: Textedly allows users to invite individuals to their marketing messages depending on the type of products or services they are most interested in. This is done by setting up and developing certain keywords that best describe what you’re offering and want them to be interested in.
  • Campaign Messages: The Textedly platform also allows users to send out a list of different messages and campaigns to their client base. There, you can send out a message to either a single person specifically, or to a large host of people as an announcement.
  • Live Chats & Two-Way Communication: One huge feature that makes Textedly very useful is its two-way communications between customers and users. This live connection allows for a more personalized and genuine connection when compared to standard automated message blasts.

#3. Additional App Tools

In addition to the standard tools and features given, Textedly also has a number of additional tools you can use. Generally, while they are at an additional cost, the fact that they are optional and not included in the price means that you can use Textedly at virtually any budget. Here is a breakdown of the options listed and how they work:

  • Automatic Replies ($36): Allows for the sending out of automated messages to anyone that has texted or messaged a user’s business.
  • Personalization ($28): Allows users the ability to further customize their SMS and MMS messages
  • Instagram Texting ($70): Grants access to communications through Instagram
  • Drip Campaigns ($135): Allows for a delayed sequence of messages to customer list once they subscribe to a user’s list
  • QR Codes (No Cost): Allows for the generation of QR codes for websites, print, displays, or social media.

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