Finally I have gotten around to writing my blog post on Ripples Sydney Wharf, which has recently re-opened under new management. I have been a MIA blogger recently due to a mixture of work, uni, social life and change of blog theme, which is slowly killing me life (I am no Queen of CSS and HTML editing, learning as I go).

There are four different Ripples locations in Sydney (Milsons Point. Chowder Bay, Whale Beach & Sydney Wharf) with all four being right on the water and having some of the best views in Sydney. Each has a relaxed atmosphere, making it welcoming for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner. Sydney Wharf has recently re-opened under new management, which brings with it a new chef and new menu to try.

I would describe the menu as having a slight Mediterranean influence, which shined through in the bread served to our table of fetta capsicum and olive, and served with a capsicum dip and olive tapenade on the side. The portion size of each slice of bread is large and quite filling, but very hard to stop eating once you start. I am a lover of the olive, so the tapenade was being applied graciously to each bite.

Also to compliment my olive addiction, we had the marinated Sicilian & Kalamata olives…a beautiful relationship between the Italian and Greek varietal. These were served warm, which makes them even more delicious. It was quite embarrassing to see how many olive pips were left on my plate in comparison to everyone else’s.

On to the mains | We all decided to choose our own mains with the choices being widely varied. The grilled barramundi fillet with puy lentils, root vegetables and crispy pancetta was absolutely amazing. The lentils in there sticky sweet wine like sauce were the definite standout.

My brother always goes for the safe option on the menu and chose the wagyu gruyere cheese burger with beetroot relish, caramelised onions, lettuce and served with the ripples hand cut fries. Nothing can ever go wrong with a burger and chips, especially when the chips are hand cut, thick and crunchy.

The char grilled beef tenderloins were served with brussel sprouts, wilted spinach a port jus and colcanon (potato mash with cabbage). This was the perfect choice to compliment the freezing cold weather we were dining in. Thank goodness for warm food and heaters.

My choice was the chermoula spiced ocean trout fillet with spinach, ricotta gnocchi and truffled tomato passata. The fish was cooked perfectly and still slightly pink. The chermoula marinade on the fish complimented the passata perfectly giving the dish a very Moroccan styled taste.

Also my choice for dessert, was the rich flourless chocolate cake with espresso ice cream and baked biscotti. The work ‘rich’ was not an understatement with neither me nor the bf being able to finish it. Definitely a dessert, which needs a shared effort for completion, even though we failed the challenge (I will blame it on eating too much bread at the start).

Isabelle had her eye on the classic vanilla bean panna cotta before we even ordered our starters. The dessert is served with mixed berries and the most fantastic fairy floss that looks similar to smoke wisps. The panna cotta was light and creamy with the sugar hit from the fairy floss working wonders with the slight sourness from the berries.

The seating at Ripples Sydney Wharf is outside on the deck and right on the water in between the wharves across from Star City Casino. There are also couches to one side, which will be great for some pre-dinner drink lounging, or mid afternoon beverages. Our food and dining experience was just as fantastic as our previous dining experiences at ripples Chowder Bay and Whale Beach with the wait staff also being very attentive even though it was a busy night.

Ripple Sydney Wharf 

56 Pirrama Road, Pyrmont, NSW 2009
Ph: 9571 1999