Two weekends ago three of my girlfriends and I headed down to Melbourne for the weekend. Over three days we ate our way through some of Melbourne’s top restaurants, shopped in the CBD, Brunswick St & Bridge Road and partied to no earlier then 3am on each night. All in all it was a great weekend getaway..if I for some reason get kicked out of Sydney, I will happily call Melbourne my new home.

This blog is just a jumble of photos taken over the three days….some pics of food and some shots of the city. I’ll also be posting a separate blog on MoVida in the next few days. 

Picture taken on Swanston St. Just Googled this…it is St Paul’s Cathedral. Love the tram caught up in the action. Surprisingly didn’t get on a tram, we decided to walk to most places as our accommodation was right in the CBD. We got a few cabs when we headed out at night…they are a lot cheaper then Sydney cabs.

First night we ventured down to Rockpool Bar & Grill which is situated in the Crown Casino complex. I went for the spicy mussels & saffron stew with wood fire grilled seafood & aioli. I am a big fan of seafood so this went down a treat. The best bit was covering the bread in aioli and dipping it into the stew.

Now for some dessert, I couldn’t resist the sound of ricotta fritters with vanilla ice cream & a citrus compote. Overall I loved both parts of the dessert but I think they were better off eaten separately then together. The slightly sour taste from the ricotta wasn’t the best mix with the citrus in the compote.


Awesome presentation of my campari & soda..Reminded me of the drinks they serve in Europe (although over there they free pour the liquor to a much higher level).

Next morning we ventured down to buzzing Degraves St for some breakfast. Picked a place called No 5.

A friend got the muesli with natural yoghurt, pear & cinnamon. Looked pretty damn yummy, nothing beats a good sprinkle of cinnamon.

Another friend opted for the scrambled eggs, spinach, tomato & ham, I had the same but with a nice dose of carbs (piece of bread) as well. The ingredients were fresh and a vibrant array of colours.

After some much enjoyed shopping we ventured up tattersalls lane (in Chinatown area) looking for a dumpling bar that a friend had recommended, the place didn’t open till 5 so we decided to go for a walk but instead we came across this bar called Section 8 right next door. The decor was extremely funky with graffiti covering the walls and random statues and ornaments such as my sheep friend above. Place had a growing crowd as it was close to 5pm and after work drinks were starting.

 The whole venue was pretty much outdoors except for the bar which was built from an old shipping container type thing and a few sheets of plastic that extended from a wall on the side. Place was uber chic and one of those places you would definitely recommend to others if they wanted a chilled atmosphere and good bar menu.

After a wine at Section 8 we headed back down the lane to Camy Shanghai Dumpling Bar. The place had been open for a maximum of 15minutes and was already filling out…definitely a popular dumpling spot. We ordered a whole lot of things to share above being the steamed prawn wontons.

Vegetable and mushroom dumpling soup. Eveything was so so cheap. Dumplings were from $5-$7 per serve of 12. This soup would of cost about $6 as well, no wonder the place was packed out. Compared to some other places I have been (I have eaten a lot of dumpling in my time) these ones lacked a bit of flavour especially in the soup stock. Yet the outer layer was nice and thin which is always preferred.

We must always eat some greens…stir fried vegetables with oyster sauce.

  Call me immature but I think this is the funniest restaurant name I have ever seen..reminded me of Meet the Parents…had to get my friends in for a shot hehehe.

Some more breakfast..this time at Mario’s on Brunswick St. We had originally wanted to go to Atomica’s (recommended to us by a few people) but after getting a really bitchy waitress tell us to wait outside and then forget about us we walked down the street and found this place. We had indulged in a few too many beverages the night before so I opted for a biggish breakfast. Poached eggs (my new craze) with smoked salmon, spinach & grilled mushrooms on a thick piece of multigrain toast.

Ana & Alessia ordered the poached fruit with muse li & yoghurt. They mentioned that the fruit was way too sweet, especially since the muesli had dried fruit in it as well.

Some Brunswick St graffiti art…Mr Budha.

We all had a bit of a sweet tooth craving…thankfully for our iPhones we googled the nearest Macaron shop on Bruncwick St and landed in Shocolate the ‘Master Chocolatiers’. Above is the chocolate (milk & white) macaron.

Another picture on Swanston St in the CBD…very cool typography.

We didn’t have time to go to the original Brunetti’s in Carlton, but we did manage to stop off at their cafe in the CBD for a coffee and panini. We ordered the one with prosciutto rocket and some sort of soft cheese. Bread was nice and crispy which is always good. The place had a whole choice of savoury sandwiches & pizzas as well as a large display of cakes and biscuits to enjoy. Next time I’m in Melbourne I will definitely fit in time to head down to Carlton.

One last picture I grabbed of Flinder’s St Station just after we had lunch at MoVida. Stay tuned for the MoVida post coming soon.

All the places that we visited which have websites can be found below:

Rockpool- Bar & Grill

Section 8


Mario’s Cafe