We headed to Ramen Kan the other night, after my boyfriend kept praising the authentic Japanese food that gets served at the joint. There are two locations one in Bondi Junction and the other in Haymarket..hmm right near uni :D. The decor is very casual, and the place was packed out on a Wednesday night, no need to worry though as the service is very quick with a fast turn around on tables.

The small sashimi is probably a better size for just one person, with there being three pieces of the salmon and two pieces of the tuna. Luckily we weren’t starving and all our meals came out close together, otherwise two pieces of fish would not have satisfied me if there had been a long wait for the ramen. Note to self: always order the large sashimi, it’s just too good to limit ourselves to a small!

The prawn gyoza was nice and light, with the outer layer being thin and not doughy like other varieties I have had. There was plenty of filling and they were not covered in copious amounts of excess oil. Recommended choice for sure!

We both chose a soup for our mains; it was the perfect choice since the weather has started to get colder as winter approaches. George went with the karaage chicken ramen, the broth was full of flavour and the smell of ginger and garlic wafted as it was set at the table. The chicken had its lovely fried coating that was soaked in the broth and was served with the noodles and finely sliced spring onion.

A shaker of fried shallots and garlic was served with the Karaage Ramen, to be sprinkled over the top.

Once looking at the menu, I knew instantly that the spicy chicken ramen would be my choice. The broth was not as heavy as the karaage ramen, and it had the right amount of spice to give a little kick with each spoonful. I went with the chicken variation of the dish, but there is also the choice of beef. The soup is also served with the wheat noodles, sliced spring onion and bean sprouts.

Once spotting the black sesame ice cream on the dessert menu, I couldn’t give up the chance of ordering it. Unfortunately it is not the same variety as the one served at other Japanese places, and has a very smooth texture instead of the granular effect. The taste was still perfect and it hit all the buttons, ending the meal off with something sweet is always a good idea.

Our bill ended up coming to about $43, which is extremely good value considering that we were both extremely full and satisfied with the meal. Ramen Kan is also a great choice if you want a good lunch whilst shopping at the Junction but dont want to fork out a crazy amount of money in the food court for an average meal. Nothing beats an authentic Japanese meal and this is definitely some of the best ramen I have tried out of Japan.

Ramen Kan

Shop 3, Bronte Road, Bondi Junction, NSW, 2022

PH: (02) 9387 5691

Web: No site