I was recently left in charge of choosing the birthday dinner venue for a friend of mine. After hearing about Ms. G’s and it’s funky facade I sent the text and we all met up on a Thursday night. The place doesn’t take bookings, and since there was a few of us we got there a bit early to join the queue of expected diners. There is a very cheeky atmosphere that surrounds this venue starting with the name, MSG (and no they do not promote the usage of MSG in their food). The interior is eclectic, and each section has it’s own odds and ends with heaps of ornaments adorning the walls and roof.

The exterior of the restaurant is welcoming, with the actual signage being a lot smaller then I expected. The neon lights are also featured inside, with the number 621 being projected on the wall (the ingredient code for MSG).

Thankfully there is a bar that is great for a pre-dinner drink while you wait for a table.

I’m not going to lie but the concept of cocktails in bubble tea packaging won me over. There was a whole new level of excitement whilst picking our drinks and waiting for it to be sealed with the Ms. G plastic. I am a fan of pearls, but was wary of how they would taste with alcohol, so I stuck to the Green Iced Tea- Zubrowka vodka, cloud & mist tea, grapefruit bitters, green apple and topped with soda. Not the best cocktail I have had but thumbs up for the concept.

Did you know that Asian mothers are the best mothers? I would say Greek mothers are pretty good as well. Everyone in the group decided to pick their own dish but as you know sharing is caring, and we ended up trying each others.

The mini banh mi with crispy pork belly is a well-known Vietnamese dish, similar to a baguette sandwich. At $6 each they are rather pricey, yet they are a great choice for a light entree, or you can order them at the bar upstairs to have with a few drinks.

The prawn toast is something I skimmed over when reading the menu, but after seeing this dish I would have to say that it looks extremely appetising. It was served with yuzu aioli and herbs. Yuzu is a citrus fruit, similar in taste to a sour mandarin.

The stir-fried mushrooms with brown butter and garlic stalks are a smart dish to order on the side as they taste great and are a good accompaniment to most dishes on the menu.

Here we have the Vietnamese steak tartare with prawn crackers, sorry about the crap quality photo but my cameras flash got a bit excited. This is one dish I didn’t try as I am skeptical on eating raw meat, but I did here it was very nice.


The egg looks like it is on the verge of exploding with all its yolky goodness, unfortunately it is also hiding the braised duck. This dish has a Chinese influence and is served with egg noodles and XO sauce (spicy seafood sauce).

The stir fried rice noodles with grain fed beef, chilli, herbs and peanuts was extremely tasty, the beef was tender, the noodles were lightly covered in the sauce and the peanuts added a good texture against the softness of the noodles.

Last but not least was my choice for the evening, the steamed mulloway fillet with white soy and ginger salad of fennel, radish and herbs. The dish was very light and looks quite bland from the photo, but the minute you taste the broth you know you have struck a hidden taste delight, the fish tasted so fresh and had a smooth velvety feel to it. If you are quite hungry I would recommend ordering this with a side of rice, which would go nicely with the broth.

To finish the evening off one of the girls bought a Ferrero Rocher cake from Pasticceria Papas in Habberfield. This has to be one of the most delightful chocolate cakes I have had in a long time. There were pure chocolate balls on the top that were mixed in with almond pieces and the body of the cake was layers of lightly whipped chocolate mousse and this chocolate biscuit crumble. One problem that we had was the price of cakeage, which was charged at $10 per person and totalling $70 for us, I don’t think I have ever seen a fee so high. I’d suggest ordering desserts from the menu, I did get to have a look at them and they sounded pretty tempting.

I will definately be coming back to Ms. G’s (minus the cake) to try many of the other goodies on the menu and cocktail list. There is a great vibe to the joint, and it is definately beoming a favourite venue for the winers and diners of Gen Y, with an extremely young crowd atmosphere.

Ms G’s

155 Victoria Street, Potts Point, NSW, 2011

Ph: (02) 9240 3000

Web: http://www.merivale.com/msgs/msgs