Following on from my Melbourne Weekend Away blog, I have finally sat down and had the time to blog about MoVida, an amazingly fantastic Spanish restaurant in the Melbourne CBD. This is my second visit to Melbourne & also my second visit to MoVida. It is now within my religion that I have to visit here on any Melbourne visit.

I grabbed some snaps of the interior, with its huge blackboards showcasing the desserts and wooden finishes with an open pass looking into the kitchen.

We could only get a booking for Sunday lunch time, which ended up being perfect as we could have a long lazy lunch, before our evening flight back to Sydney. We decided to call it Sangria Sundays…and sipped at this fantastic beverage all afternoon. Instead of the chopped fruit, our glass was served with a wedge of orange & lemon and topped with the most drinkable sangria I have ever had. After a few glasses I went a little looooopy.

Home made bread was placed on the table after ordering, with the choice of a white roll and focaccia with olive oil. Both were really tasty and soft, but I definitely preferred the focaccia for its herb infused flavour.

 The menu at MoVida is split into Tapas & Racion. Tapa being the small individual pieces (buy per piece) and Racion which are good for sharing amongst a few people or a large dish for one.

We started with a few tapa. First was the Anchoa-  Hand-filleted anchovies on croutons with smoked tomato sorbet. The texture of ice cold sorbet against a salty fillet of anchovy was definitely different and an acquired taste, I have a  love for anchovies though so it was thoroughly enjoyed.

Second was the Tigre- Spring bay stuffed mussel with dried chorizo and lemon aioli. The presentation was cute as you could just grab the mussel shell and pop it in your mouth.

The Monty y Mar was definitely a very unattatractive looking dish of calamari stuffed with pork and dressed in squid ink. The flavour of pork and squid worked well as they both have a mild taste in comparison to other meats/seafood. Portion sizing was a bit hit and miss which was a let down in the presentation, but the flavour definitely made up for it.

To start with the Raciones, we had the Huevo 61° Con Patatas Y Lomo De Cerdo- pardon my impeccably good Spanish. This dish was a slow cooked egg (cooked to perfection) with thin straw potatoes and cured pork loin. Even I, the hater of egg yolk quite enjoyed it on the patatas.

Second sharing plate was the Pulpo- a mixture of chargrilled octopus with house made chorizo and chickpeas. The texture of the octopus was so tender compared to its normal rubbery bite, with the spicy chorizo and chickpeas giving the dish that extra oomph.

When this dish came out I was a bit skeptical on how it would taste but the Carrillera de Buey ended up being a table favourite. It was made of slowly braised beef cheek in Pedro Ximenez (intense and sweet dessert sherry) and sitting on Cauliflower Puree. The meat fell apart instantly when we placed the fork through it, I assume it had been braising on a low heat for quite a while. The sweetness from the sherry was soaked all throughout the meat and tasted great with the creaminess of the cauliflower puree.

This dish was on the specials menu which was kindly read out by our waiter. I was sold on the description he gave us, but unfortunately, too much sangria and lack of sleep over those days has lead me to completely forget the dishes name. I have kindly named it crustacean risoni in a chilli tomato broth. I believe that name sums the dish up well, and if you happen to have this offered to you on the specials menu I definitely recommend. The serving size was also huge, which was plenty to share between the four of us.

After all our savoury dishes had been devoured we stepped outside into the MoVida alley way for a breather and break before dessert. There are some really cool artworks going up and down each side. I liked this shot as you can see people admiring the walls.

The huge signboard of desserts had been eying me off all afternoon, I made sure I had enough space left to fit in a try of both of these. The Flan con Pestinos is a crème caramel served with spiced sherry pastries. The little pastries reminded me of mini doughnut pieces and were nice and crunchy to eat with the smooth and creamy texture of the crème caramel.

My dessert choice was the Churros- Spanish doughnuts served with drinking chocolate. I wasn’t a fan of the chocolate as it was a bit too sweet but the crisp texture and fluffy innards of the sugar coated doughnuts were enough to keep me satisfied.

I leave you with this last image of the art outside which was a whole bunch of sarcastic (yet, so true) comments from a boyfriend to his girlfriend.

My one piece of advice for people in Melbourne or heading to Melbourne is to check this joint out, you definitely won’t be disappointed. I recommend making a booking in advance, we booked about 3 weeks before our trip and couldn’t get a spot on the Friday or Saturday night. There is also MoVida Next Door (literally next door- venue is a lot smaller, food is just as good), MoVida Aqui or MoVida Terraza (both on Bourke Street).


1 Hosier Lane, Melbourne, 3000


P: (03) 9663 3038