I have subtitled this blog post an ‘Oldie but a Goodie’. Oldie because it was from October last year when the girls and I did a weekend away in Melbourne, and a Goodie because it consists of MoVida, my all time favourite Spanish restaurant in Melbourne. We have started a slight tradition now, on the last day in Melbourne, we always book a late flight back to Sydney and a sangria filled long lunch at MoVida must occur (You can check out another of our MoVida lunches here). Today I share with you a very loooooong lunch (filled with way too much food…but then again ‘too much food’ is not a phrase I quite comprehend) in the company of the bestest friends anyone could ask for.

Jugs of Sangria land on our table whilst we ponder over the menu and decide what exquisite tapas will fill our bellies.

Baked at the MoVida bakery we happily munch away at some of the tastiest sourdough bread I have eaten in a long time. The crunchy exterior and fluffy insides are perfect for lapping up the olive oil.

One of my MoVida long time favorites is the Anchoa, hand-filleted Cantabrian Artisan Anchovy on a Crouton with Smoked Tomato Sorbet. What’s not to love about this? The cold sorbet gives the anchovies the most exquisite taste, with the dishes overall texture and flavour creating a party in your mouth.

The Queso are bite size morsels of Quince Paste Cigars filled with Whipped Goats Milk Cheese.

The Atun is pretty in pink with cubes of Fresh Yellowtail Tuna with Compressed Watermelon and Black Olive.

Did you say pate? Order it right away!!! If you are dining at MoVida, write this one down as a must order. The Pate De Pato is a Duck Liver Parfait with Pedro Ximenez Foam and Toasted Brioche. Lather your crunchy brioche disk with the silk-like pate and airy parfait and let the beautiful flavours overtake your tastebuds.

Next up, we are served the Bistec Tartar De Wagyu, a mixture of Spicy Steak Tartare of Grass-fed Wagyu Beef. Plentiful in size, this is the second time I have eaten tarter in my life and out of the two I would vote this as my favourite. I love the adorable quail egg yolk sitting on top.

Another favourite of the day has to be the Mejillones Al Gazpachuelo, Spring Bay Mussels Enriched with an Almond Soup. Who in their right mind ever though that mussels and almond soup could go hand in hand? They deserve some sort of award.

Already full, we take a breather outside where I go crazy snapping away at the street art. The 10 minute pause in eating is satisfying, but my curiosity for more takes over, and we head back in to order a ‘few’ more dishes. My friends and I suffer from a severe case of ‘our eyes are a lot BIGGER than our stomachs’.

Empanadilla you say? Why not! I believe these specific empanadas have been taken off the menu since, but I do remember that they were filled with a rich chicken filling and encased in thick flaky pastry.

This is another ‘must order’ dish from the menu. The Carrillera De Buey  is Slow Braised Beef Cheek in Pedro Ximenez, served on creamy Cauliflower Puree. As your fork sinks into the meaty flesh it breaks apart instantly, cooked to the utmost perfection.

I’m going to go ahead and say it, but I think we over ordered. By the time the Cecina came out I was beyond full, which meant that we probably didn’t enjoy this dish as much as we should have. The Air-dried Wagyu is served on the table, with the waiter mixing together the Poached Organic Egg and Truffle Foam in front of us. Looking at these photos now, I am experiencing a strong case of food envy. Next time I will ensure that I order and eat this on a much emptier stomach.

A meal isn’t complete without something sweet. The whole reason we were in Melbourne was to celebrate a birthday, so for the fourth time that weekend we surprise Alessia with a sing song Leche Fritta, fried custard and apple. We have a bite each to keep our sweet tooth’s at bay and sadly come to terms with the fact that our lunch is over and our flight to Sydney is calling our name.

Happy and content we head off into the bustling CBD for the airport, but not before having a photoshoot with the graffiti clad walls.

 Oh MoVida you’ve done it again.


1 Hosier Lane, Melbourne, 3000

Ph: (03) 9663 3038

W: http://www.movida.com.au/ 

Adios for now amigos. I hope you all had an enjoyable Monday. I’ll be back during the week with some more European love so stay tuned xxx

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