MissChu’s is a place which I have visited frequently over the past few years, and it’s good to see a few more venues popping up throughout Sydney & Melbourne. The Darlinghurst tuck shop was the first to open in Sydney, with venues now at the Opera House, Bondi Beach and the Sydney CBD. Known for there fresh ingredients, the menu is split up into rice paper rolls, spring rolls, steamed dumplings, vermicelli salads, stir fry type dishes with rice and veggies and the daily specials.

My Kiki Cake | Sydney Food Blog | Ordering area at Miss Chus Darlinghurst

After plonking ourselves down at one of the little tables on the slanting street, we checked out the menu, picked our food for the evening and then ordered at the open window counter. The service is quick and the food even quicker at coming out to us.

My Kiki Cake | Sydney Food Blog | Miss Chu's - Darlinghurst - Blended Lychee, Mint & Coconut drink

Every time I have visited previously I see people with these blended drinks, I finally worked out what they were and happily ordered the lychee, young coconut and mint flavour ($5.00). The drink was the perfect match to my spicy dinner, as it seemed to cool my mouth and help with the chilli burn. It is chilled, not overly sweet and slightly chunky with the young coconut pieces…Delish!!

My Kiki Cake | Sydney Food Blog | Shanghai Pork Dumplings

We got a serve of the Shanghai pork dumplings which are rather pricey at $7.00 for a serve of three (I’m used to Chinese Kitchen in Chinatown charging $8.00 for 12). The dumplings were tasty but unfortunately they were punctured, so all of the broth from inside had come out and was sitting at the bottom. They were served with vinegar, which is great as it gave them that slightly tart flavour.

My Kiki Cake | Sydney Food Blog | Miss Chu's - Darlinghurst - Roast duck & banana flower rice paper rolls

We went with the roast duck and banana flower rice paper rolls. These were tasty and had a nice sweet chilli dipping sauce, but nothing too memorable. I think they needed a bit more duck to make them a bit tastier. $9.00 for a serve of two.

My Kiki Cake | Sydney Food Blog | Miss Chu's - Darlinghurst - Wagyu Beef Pho

George went for the Wagyu beef pho ($14.00) which had a beautifully aromatic broth with a slight hint of star anise. The chilli really gave it that heated punch of flavour, with the traditional serving of mint and lemon garnish completing the dish.

My Kiki Cake | Sydney Food Blog | Miss Chu's - Darlinghurst - Chilli prawn vermicelli noodle salad

My choice was the chilli prawn vermicelli noodle salad ($13.00). Although the box comes out and looks quite small, they really pack in the noodles, prawns and salad leaves. The prawns are doused in chilli, which tastes fantastic with the sweet dressing that is used, but there is a bit too much of the dressing with the noodles practically swimming in it by the time I ate the top half.

My Kiki Cake | Sydney Food Blog | Miss Chu's - Darlinghurst - George munching on his Pho

George at our side walk table enjoying his wagyu pho.

My Kiki Cake | Sydney Food Blog | Miss Chu's - Darlinghurst - Picture of the venue

Above is an outside look of the Darlinghurst tuckshop. I definitely recommend the place if you are in the Sydney CBD area and feel like some fresh and tasty Vietnamese food. Although the food is quite pricey in comparison to Vietnamese restaurants in other suburbs, I guess you pay for its central/funky location and good ingredients. Also, if you work in the area you can get the MissChu cyclist to deliver to your house/office for a fee. Good idea for a Friday lunch time.

MissChu – Darlinghurst

150 Bourke Street, Sydney, 2000

Ph:(02) 8356 9958

Web: http://www.misschu.com.au/

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