Oh yea dinner at Mamak is guaranteed to be good. We headed there last Friday night for a nice hearty dinner after a rainy Sydney week. I was first made aware of Mamak when I kept seeing this huge line out the front of their Goulburn restaurant. Now they have conveniently opened up their second restaurant in Chatswood, which has a bit more seating so the wait is never too long.

While we waited for a table we had a good view of the chefs making the roti’s. It’s amazing how they get a small ball of dough, start twisting it in their hands and turn it into a large thin piece of pastry.

Chefs use the huge grills to cook the many different types of roti’s that are on the menu.

We start off by ordering some chilled beverages, the left is the Teh Ais- ice milk tea and the right is the Teh O Ais Limau- ice tea with a splash of lime. Both drinks were incredibly sweet but once the ice melted they became more drinkable.

After waiting near the kitchen for a table we had to order some of the yummy roti’s we had seen the chef’s making. We decided to go with a Roti Canai- the original roti. All choices are served with two curry dips and the spicy sambal sauce. To be honest both the curry sauces were pretty similar in flavour..and even colour. We didn’t ask the waiter what each of the curry dips were, but they reminded me of the sauce they use on butter chicken, yet one was a bit chunkier, like it had chickpeas blended through it.

Pretty roti that looked similar to a flower.

The second roti choice we went with was the Roti Bawang- similar to the original but with lashings of sweet red onions. Adding a bit of the sambal sauce to each bite certainly adds a bit of fire to the palette, which is always enjoyed. We have a jar of sambal in the fridge at home, so I have had previous experience in how a small amount can go a long way with the chilli flavour.

The Rojak salad was fantastic, and definitely something I will be ordering on my next return. The Malaysian salad is made up of prawn and coconut fritters, fried tofu, half a boiled egg, freshly shredded yambean & cucumber topped with a spicy peanut sauce.  There were many different elements to this dish so each mouthful was a new surprise of flavour and textures.

The Kari Kambing was a sure winner at our table with the spicy lamb being slow cooked and ever so tender.

We ordered another main, the Sambal Udang- stir-fried tiger prawns with a fiery sambal sauce. They certainly made the dish fiery, and after one prawn my mouth was literally on fire. I think I need to build up my chilli resistance a tiny bit more to eat this dish comfortable. The serving size was quite generous, with the prawns being plump and meaty.

Time for some sweet sweet sugar to calm our mouths. I saw this dessert on a few of the tables around us so thought we should order it to try. The Ais Kacang is a concoction of red beans, corn, grass jelly, rose syrup and sweetened milk on a mound of shaved ice. There were certain elements that I liked such as the rose syrup flavoured ice and creamed corn and other elements that I really disliked such as the grass jelly and red beans. I wasn’t a big fan of all of these ingredients together with everything else. I wont be ordering this dish again anytime soon.

The Roti Tisu on the other hand was bloody amazing. It is a paper thin roti sprinkled in sugar, served tall with a side of vanilla ice cream. The cone seemed to go on forever, with none of us complaining as it tasted so good. The sugar melts while its cooking and gives a thin toffee like layer to the inside of the roti which makes the texture very crunchy.

I found the service at Mamak to be really good with all of the waiters being really nice and helpful with any questions we had. Once ordering, our food came out in no particular order and within the span of 5 minutes all of our dishes had been served onto our table, which was pretty small. Other then that the food is well priced, flavoursome and served with decent portion sizes.


Shop P9, 1-5 Railway St, Chatswood

Web: http://mamak.com.au/

Ph: (02) 9411 4411