L’etoile is now closed for business. 

With My Kitchen Rules being one of the top rated shows at the moment, it was decided that a visit to L’etoile was in order, to compare the cooking coming out of Manu Feildel’s kitchen who is a judge on the show. Along with three of my good friends who I travelled through Hong Kong & Tokyo with…(you can see some of our past dining experiences from these places here, here, and here) we set out on a Thursday night to Five Ways in Paddington.

One of our first questions to the waiter was weather or not Manu was working, sadly he wasn’t. I assume he was off filming an episode of MKR maybe?. We started off with some crispy baguette and creamy butter which I totally forgot  to take a photo of. Our decision was to go for a main each and then grab a whole lot of desserts to share, but we couldn’t go past trying one entree which is the house specialty, the silky sausage of scallops served on a crustacean bisque ($22).

Entree at L'etoile Paddington, Manu Feildel - Silky Sausage of Scallops with a Crustacean Bisque

I love my seafood, but even found this dish to be extremely fishy and overpowering. The sausage part was quite nice and filled with cut up scallops, but the crustacean bisque was just a bit too flavoursome, and really overpowered the subtle flavour of the scallops.

Mains at L'etoile | Paddington | Manu Feildel- Pan Seared Fillet of Snapper, Seasonal Vegetables and a Carrot Butter Sauce

Our decisions for mains varied and with only 6 to choose from two of us ended up getting the same thing. Zora went with the pan seared fillet of snapper with seasonal vegetables and a carrot butter sauce (all mains are $38). At first the dish looked extremely simple yet the butter sauce really pulled it all together and had the most amazing flavour…but I cant really imagine any French butter sauce recipe tasting bad anyway. The seasonal vegetables were cut ever so perfectly and consisted of beans, cherry tomato, cucumber, carrot and radish.

Mains at L'etoile | Paddington | Manu Feildel- Wagyu Beef with Bordelaise Sauce and Hand Cut Chips

Sinem went with the Wagyu beef butcher’s cut (marble score 7) with a bordelaise sauce and side of hand cut fries. The meat was tender and cooked perfectly at medium rare, with the bordelaise sauce made from dry red wine, bone marrow, butter and shallots being rich in flavour but the perfect thing to dip the fries into.

Mains at L'etoile | Paddington | Manu Feildel-  Slow Cooked Kingfish, Baby Fennel, Mussels and a Saffron and Olive Emulsion

Haidi and I went with the second fish option of slow cooked kingfish with baby fennel and mussels in a saffron and olive emulsion. The fish was divine and infused with the taste of olive and saffron. I have a great love of fennel with this being no exception.

Palette Cleanser Before Dessert at L'etoile | Paddington | Manu Feildel

In between our mains and dessert we were treated with a palette cleanser which I believe was a watermelon granita.

Dessert at L'etoile | Paddington | Manu Feildel-  White Chocolate Mousse and Raspberry Sorbet

Dessert number one here is the white chocolate mousse with raspberry gelato (all desserts $15). The mousse is smooth in texture and quite thick in consistency. The girls love it, but since I am not the biggest fan of white chocolate this is not my favourite. The shard sticking out of the dessert is a piece of burnt chocolate cookie…I think. As weird as that sounds it actually tasted amazing, with the other small bits also being pieces of chocolate…which are not burnt.

Dessert at L'etoile | Paddington | Manu Feildel-  Poached Mango Frangipane Cake with Milk Ice Cream

Dessert number two is ever so pretty. The poached mango frangipane tart stands out brightly against the dark chocolate ganache at the bottom. The dessert is served with milk ice cream which is best described as milky tasting, and a caramelised chocolate biscuit type thing which is extremely crunchy and slightly burnt in taste like the chocolate cookie in the above dessert. The tart was a bit of a let down with the mango being tasteless and the frangipane slightly dry.

Dessert at L'etoile | Paddington | Manu Feildel- Classic Vanilla Creme Brulee with Almond Tuile

Last but not least, dessert number three is the classic vanilla creme brulée which is fantastic, the top layer is crunchy from the toffee and creates a beautiful crack when the spoon breaks its skin. The creme underneath is luscious and speckled with vanilla bean pod seeds, and the almond tuile on the side is a perfect accompaniment which we use to spoon up the dessert.

After satisfying our sweet tooth’s we were all content with the evenings dessert choices. The ambeience in the venue is rather stale, with the place being very quiet and having a lack of atmosphere. Overall the waiters were sufficient, but our main guy was rather arrogant in personality, I guess it may be a French thing…no offence to anyone. I dont know if I will be back to L’etoile, but I will certainly be back to check out the other restaurants around Five Ways.


211 Glenmore Road, Paddington, NSW, 2021

Ph: 9332 1577

Web: http://www.letoilerestaurant.com.au/

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