Just another breakfast blog to add to the list :) this time we headed down to La Repubblica at beautiful Balmoral Beach. I grew up at this beach, visiting every weekend when the Summer’s were actually good. I have never been down to Balmoral for breakfast, but after seeing La Repubblica one afternoon I thought it was time to give it a try.

Coffee at La Republica, Balmoral Beach

My piccolo latte was beautiful and strong in flavour and thankfully not bitter. I opt for no sugar, so the coffee must taste good otherwise it is really undrinkable.

Omelette for Breakfast at La Republica, Balmoral Beach

Ana went with the vegetarian omelette of sun dried tomatoes, baby spinach, basil and parmesan with a side of crispy bacon and sourdough bread. The serving size is generous, with the omelette spanning the width of the plate. ($15 and $3.50 extra for bacon).

Baked Eggs for Breakfast at La Republica, Balmoral Beach

Omelette for Breakfast La Republica at Balmoral Beach

I had the clay pot baked eggs with rustic tomatoes, portobello mushrooms and crusty piece of sourdough ($18). The tomato and mushrooms were a perfect mix with the eggs, only downside was that the yolk was hard boiled on the edges, a runnier yolk would of been delightful in coating the veggies and the bread. The sprigs of rosemary and basil to garnish gave the dish that added tastiness.

Fruit Salad & Fresh Yoghurt for Breakfast at La Republica, Balmoral Beach

Jes went with the seasonal fruit salad with organic yoghurt and honey. Very fresh and healthy breakfast in comparison to our choices! ($14).

Building Photo of La Republica, Balmoral Beach

The restaurant is perfectly located across from Balmoral Beach with the seating outside going around the corner as well. Perfect breakfast stop before a day in the sun. There is also a section around the corner which you can order coffees and take away food from. The owner was extremely nice and came to have a chat to us about Europe since we were sitting there with guide books and iPads trying to plan a trip. Balmoral definitely needed this new addition on this side of the beach as the Bather’s Pavilion can be a bit too formal and has no outdoor seating like La Repubblica. The food is a bit pricey here, but it’s what you expect when dining in this prime location and when the cafe caters to the likes of the Mosmanites.

La Repubblica

51 The Esplanade, Balmoral, 2088

PH: (02) 9960 1344 

No website but check out their Facebook page here.

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