One thing I have truly missed these last few weeks has been going to breakfast on Saturday or Sunday mornings. A breakfast favourite of mine is Clodeli, situated on Clovelly Road in yes you guessed it…the suburb of Clovelly. Hard to miss this place on the weekend as the mornings are jam-packed with families, friends, fashionistas and locals. Of course the outside seating is the best on a warm day but you may have to wait a little longer if none are available. The three of us grabbed a seat on the longer communal table outdoors, which suited us fine as the sun was directly on us and nothing beats a pre-beach tanning session.
Breakfast at Clodeli in Clovelly

So the food is um….pretty amazeballs! Above we have the corn fritters topped with tomato salsa, a wasabi sour cream on the side and a poached egg. You then have a choice of either smoked salmon or bacon. Friend number 1 went with the salmon, which is normally my exact breakfast pick. We went on an extremely busy morning; with the food taking a while to come out…but at least the wait was worth it.

Friend number two went for the same choice but specified her side to be ‘crispy’ bacon.  I have to admit, it is the wasabi cream cheese that really makes this dish. I personally would never have thought of serving wasabi with any type of breakfast food, but the slight creamy hotness adds that needed flavour to the whole dish.

Breakfast at Clodeli in Clovelly So this photo is me being artistic…playing around in photoshop and voila, the above was created. For breakfast I decided to be ordinary and go with the free range poached eggs on sourdough toast, with a side of smoked salmon and spinach. I never liked eggs when growing up, and have a new fondness for poached eggs, hence the choice. Do not worry, there is actually choices on the menu that do not consist of poached eggs..such as croque monsieur, buttermilk hotcakes or bircher muesli to name a few.

Breakfast at Clodeli in ClovellyAnd I leave you with an up close and personal picture of my poached eggs.


210 Clovelly Road, Clovelly, NSW, 2031


Ph: (02) 9664 1885

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