To bring the weekend in with style, our night took us to Bloodwood in Newtown, a restaurant that I have wanted to visit for quite some time (it’s on the Bucket List). After seeing that they were appearing at the Taste Food Festival this weekend, I thought it was better to get in and taste test the menu in the chic restaurant first. Arriving at 8, we had a 1.5 hour wait for a table of three so we headed right across the road to Earl’s Juke Joint bar. If you want to find this place, look out for the butcher shop with curtains in the window and music beating from the front door. Oh Sydney, you are just too good at times.

We quickly order some Marinated Olives ($7) to satiate our hunger, you can see these in the first photo of the post. We then choose a selection of dishes to share with the first one being the Fresh Fig and Red Leaf Salad with Fennel, Garlic, Croutons and Lemon ($15). Not only are the figs ripe and sweet, but the addition of lemon is unexpected but a perfect accompaniment.

The Polenta Chips with Gorgonzola Sauce ($9) are a no brainer. None of us can resist the crunch of the outside and soft fluffy interior. I expected the sauce to be overpowering but fortunately it was just right. I love my cheese, but when it is very strong and pungent it can be overpowering.

Next up was the Olive Oil Poached Ocean Trout with Asparagus, Green Mango and Flowering Garlic Chives ($20). I really liked this dish for its lightness, but also for its crunchy asparagus and green mango bite.

A stand out dish was the Coorong Angus Beef Brisket with Mushrooms, Brussel Sprouts and Cracked Wheat ($30). The meat falls apart with the touch of a fork and the addition of brussel sprouts and mushrooms (two of my favourites) makes my heart sing.

The pick of the crop had to be the Socca; a Chickpea Pancake with Summer Seeds, Quinoa, Spiced Carrot and Persian Fetta ($18). You could sub-label this dish as a gluten free vegetarian pizza. The seeds and spices add the aromatic flavour whilst you also get the creaminess from the cheese, freshness from the carrot and more crunch from the chickpea base. All in all this was a very tasty dish and one I would surely return for.


416 King Street, Newtown, Sydney

Ph: (02) 9557 7699


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 This was the perfect way to bring in the weekend and begin the food festivities. Today I have been chilling out at home sorting out bits and pieces of my life whilst cooking a Avgolemono Fricasse with Pork for dinner. Let’s just say that my house is smelling pretty damn good at the moment. Favourtie child? I think I have won the award this weekend.  Kali weekend orexi (happy eating) xxx