Ahh cant believe it is now 2012, Happy New Year to everyone :). I’m sure this will be another year full of good eating. I have a whole bunch of posts I want to put up in the next few weeks from the mischief and cooking I got up to over the holidays.

Today’s post is from before  the New Year, when the weather was incredibly crap and instead of spending our weekends at the beach, the best option was to drive to Cabramatta and get some awesome Vietnamese food from Bau Truong and the street market.

We start off with some drinks. Unfortunately I was mistaken with the menu and was meant to order the rainbow drink on the right, but instead I somehow ordered the drink on the left, which was a bit of a shock to my taste buds. For me, the main turn off was the seaweed in the middle, which was a bit to ocean like tasting for a beverage. In the middle Ana got the young coconut juice, and Isi ordered the rainbow drink (which is called something completely different on the menu =P) and is a mixture of mung beans, azuki beans, jelly, crushed ice, sweet syrup and coconut milk. The first time I tired one of these in Chatswood I was a bit wary of a bean filled drink, but it is an unexpectedly awesome tasting. I believe these are actually meant to be a dessert beverage then something along side a meal but I guess we can always mix it up.

Vietnamese food is full of flavour, which you can determine and alter for your self. I am a lover of chilli so the condiment on the left which is a strong chilli paste and chopped fresh chilli is perfect to top up on any meal. The left was a salt and peper mix with a lemon wedge for more seasoning Bo Luc Lac (beef with tomato rice).

Mint, bean sprouts and lemon to be added into the Beef Pho. I think it is these three attributes that really add to the meal, with the bean sprouts creating a nice crunch in comparison to the soft noodles. The sprouts are also the perfect thing to nibble on whilst you wait for your Pho.

The most perfect meal on a cold rainy day is the beef pho, filled with soft rice noodles, thinly sliced beef that is served pink and cooks in front of you in the hot broth.

The crispy skin chicken is definitely a winner between us. I generally will not eat the skin on a chicken as I am not a fan of its texture, but this skin was cooked ever so crisply, with the slight crunchiness surrounding the white flesh inside. The meal is served with a dipping sauce and a pickled vegetable salad which is crisp and addictive, I must learn how they pickle the vegetables like this.

This ended up being my favourite dish of the day, with the stir fried cubed beef being packed with flavour. The meat was extremely tender and went well with the tomato rice which was a new try for me. The rice by itself was nothing special, but as an accompaniment, the beef and rice made an attractive couple.

The trip to Bau Truong was certainly worth it, with the food being extremely tasty and the ingredients fresh. I am not sure if travelling all the way to Cabramatta is something I will be doing frequently. Thankfully Xiclo in Chatswood which is a lot closer to home also offers some great Vietnamese food.

After lunch we had a walk around the local shops and markets and came across a little bakery doing pandan waffles. they were just so pretty we had to try them. Ana being pandan obsessed also bought a whole cake and some other bakery items. The waffle was slightly crisp on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside with a smattering of coconut pieces throughout the whole thing. This was also the first time I tried a pandan flavoured cake, and although the colour reminded me of something that was going to have a strong artificial lime taste, the subtle flavour of the waffle which was similar to vanilla was awesome.

Here are my uber cool friends with their numerous bags of Cabramatta food purchases.

Bau Truong

Shop 10/12, 70 John Street, Cabramatta, NSW

Ph: 02 9727 4492

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