Here we go…part two of the food from ATE. Sorry for the lateness, I was having some problems with WordPress and uploading the photos. My IT assistant (little bro) is on some camp and I have been lost with what to do. Alas I worked it out and all the photos are up. Enjoy and let the salivation begin…

Happy Hour

Over the week there were three happy hours that occurred, from 5.30-6pm. Each of the states had this time to show off their food, wine and provide entertainment. Happy Hour was extremely popular as buyers and sellers were able to mingle, whilst trying Australian products. 

Tourism NSW was funking it up with the most retro cocktail colours I have ever seen. The green one at the end reminded me of Absinthe….I stayed away!

Nicks Seafood provided these two cute little old men to shuck Sydney oysters one afternoon. I wish I had asked how many kilos they had gone through.

Steamed dumplings were also on the menu with a prawn filling, flavour on the inside was great, the outer layer was quite sticky though and not the easiest to eat whilst standing.

The cutest little burgers with a mini beef pattie, beetroot relish and gherkin.

Tourism QLD had a chef slicing fresh sashimi for everyone to take. They went with the same three sashimi choices that most people are used to eating salmon, tuna and kingfish.

Most awesoem waiter from Canberra stand…he was a good egg!

Canberra was pulling out some really impressive dishes from their kitchen. The above is the St Louis style pulled pork and slow cooked beef brisket served with polenta. Ever so tasty and the pork was very tender.

QLD also had a fresh seafodd bbq going on with scallops, king prawns and salmon fillets.

This gentleman above provided me with the most fantastic food experience all week…freshly shucked oysters from Tasmania. I have always been a big fan of oysters, but after trying these nothing will compare. They were absolutely huge, with such a creamy texture and slight saltiness. I need to visit Tasmania and feast on these till my heart’s career, work in an oyster farm.

Western Australia had antipasto plates set up and ready to help yourself, they were displaying a variety of their cheeses to try.

Dips, dukkah and olive oil which accompanied the antipasto table. The dips were ever so thick and ranged from hummus, eggplant, pumpkin and sun dried tomato.

To end off all the savoury food, we grabbed a delish hand made chocolate from the Canberra store. I went with the milk chocolate spiral one in the centre of the tray. It had a soft mousse inside flavoured with some rum. Absolutely devine!

The Roast- Bar Luca

The roast is a traditional dinner where the staff from Tourism Australia, Agility and Expertise Events get together. This year it was held at Bar Luca on Phillip St just near Circular Quay. They did a great job of cooking the meat to perfection along with all the traditional roast trimmings.

Roasted root vegetables of parsnip, pumpkin and sweet potato with rosemary.

Roast potatoes cooked with a good ratio of crunchy outer skin to soft potato inside.

The pork crackling was the trimming that everyone wanted a piece off. Who could deny the guilty pleasure of crunchy and flavoursome fat. The apple in the corner also went great with the meat and was a good variation to apple sauce.

Roast pork with the thin fat layer glistening at the top and the tender white meat falling apart below.

We also had the choice of roast lamb, felt like I was at home for a roast Sunday lunch with the family.

If we thought that was enough, we were also treated to apple crumble for dessert, drizzled with cream. As per usual I over-ate as I have a small problem where I need to try a little bit of everything that is on offer, was well woth it though and this was the closest thing we got to a home cooked meal whilst at ATE.

Morning & Afternoon Tea

Each day there was a morning and afternoon tea to break up the appointment schedules and give the ATE delegates a chance to have a coffee and bite to eat. All of this food was prepared and catered by the Sydney Convention Centre.

Garlic pastry twists with cracked rock salt. These were quite yummy but quite addictive, I was trying to work out whether they were just twisted puff pastry.

Mini vegetarian quiches served with a spicy tomato relish. The ratio of pastry to filling was too much and took away from the flavour of the quiche filling.

The sun dried tomato and feta triangles were extremely oily and salty due to excess butter used on the filo and too much feta used in the filling mixture. I was really not a fan =P.

Chocolate tarts filled with mousse and big fat strawberry on top. These were great as they were like a mini fondue. Instead of eating the chocolate shell I grabbed the strawberry and dipped it into the mousse and ate it that way.

The profiterole has never been a big favourite of mine so I didn’t give one of these a try (At the end of the week I had finally realised that I may have eaten a bit too much). I love how cute they looked though all lined up with there little chocolate hats.

As the week rolled up and came to an end it was a bit of a relief to know that I didn’t have to wake up and make my way to the Sydney Convention Centre again. After 10 days of food, alcohol, functions, early mornings and late nights it was time to checkout and leave.

I’ll leave you with one last picture from our farewell breakfast at Cafe Morso (same place I had my 21st). I went with a vegetarian breakfast of scrambeled eggs, grilled mushrooms and tomatoes, with a serving of sourdough toast, was the perfect way to start the day.