We started this weekend off in true ‘sweet tooth’ style and headed to Aqua Dining to try some of their desserts with a glass of sticky. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera on me and had to resort to using my iPhone for the photography..you can still clearly see how amazing the desserts looked though.

Aqua is situated in Milsons Point right in between North Sydney pool and Luna Park. The view of the city and the Harbour Bridge while your dining is phenomenal, with the restaurant walls all being glass, ensuring that you get a great view from wherever you are sitting. There is also seating outside on the deck which would be perfect in warmer weather and when it’s not windy outside.

The Piatto Di Agrumi is the citrus plate and had a range of little desserts. The lime and midori splice to the left was very light and fluffy in texture and tasted exactly how you would imagine a lime splice ice cream/block to taste. Accompanying this was a fresh citrus salad of orange and pink grapefruit, blood orange sorbet with crumble, kalamansi toffee sauce and mini passionfruit macarons. Each part of the dessert was fun to try and you got such a variety of different treats, that all shared that common citrus tangy flavour.

The Apple & Buttermilk Panna Cotta $18 is what I consider to be a perfect dessert, not too heavy and not too sweet with the right amount of texture and flavour. The top layer of the panna cotta was an apple calvados puree and it was served with cinnamon sand and a caramel chantilly cream. The cinnamon sand was the perfect match to the dessert as the spice always seems to work so well with apples.

The traditional tiramisu had a soft texture with the inside layer soaked in the coffee syrup. It was served with a berry compote which works well with the coffee flavour…I couldn’t think of any other fruit that would accompany this dish just as well. The size is very generous and I would definitely have a bit of trouble trying to finish it all too myself.

Last but not least is any chocaholics heaven the Pazzo Per Il Cioccolato (nuts about chocolate). The dessert reminded us of a deconstructed Snickers bar and was made up of a 70% dark chocolate creamed ganache and paired with a peanut butter parfait, caramelised peanuts and caramel and peanut snow. I have never had anything like the snow before, which had the same consistency of icing sugar, but was infused with the flavour of peanuts and caramel. The caramelised peanuts were the best bit, and reminded me of the ones we bought in Barcelona from the fruit markets off Las Ramblas…so amazingly good.

We had a great night trying all the desserts and sitting with one of the best restaurant views in Sydney. I will definitely be coming back to try some of the savoury meals on the menu and hopefully be there in warmer weather to sit outside on the deck.

Aqua Dining 

Corner of Paul & Northcliff Streets , Milsons Point NSW 2061

Ph: 964 9998

Web: http://www.aquadining.com.au/