Don’t Take Dog Food For Granted

How much do you understand about dog food? When we think about dog food is not hard to imagine endless aisles of bagged and canned food that seems to be identical aside from the dog printed on the bag. As such it’s not uncommon for owners to pick a brand based on their gut feeling or brand recognition, but is this enough for our pets?

Think about it. We have incredibly complex diets that cover a wide range of foods, so even if we fall short in certain areas other meals can compensate for it. But our dogs only eat one food most of their life, which means that the choice of dog food is vital. Just like not all dogs are made the same, not all food is of the same quality. So for the sake of our pets, we should pay some more attention to what we are buying for our pets.

It’s their only source of nutrition

Dog food tends to be the sole source of nutrition for our pets, and this on its own should explain why it’s so important to pick a good brand. While dog food is designed to be a complete solution to all of their nutritional needs, this doesn’t mean all brands are as good. All these bags might look the same from the outside, but things change when we consider the ingredients.

Dogs need proteins, carbohydrates, and fats just like us. This means that their food of choice must be able to supply all of these ingredients all at once. As such we must take a close look at the ingredient labels to see what each brand of food offers for our dog. Stay away from brands that pack a lot of grain, since that is almost universally used as filler. On the other hand, food that has abundant meat-based protein and fatty acids is a good píck.

Dog size and breed does matter

While most dog foods look functionally the same on a platter, that doesn’t mean they are the same. Different dog breeds have unique nutritional needs beyond the size of their portions, and food is designed to take this into account. Buying food for large breeds and serving small portions won’t make it good for poodles. So we must pay close attention to all this information present in labels.

Shopping simplified

One of our favorite places to get high-quality dog food is Centinela Feed & Pet Supplies. Centinela keeps a great stock of dog food, with great brands that you aren’t likely to find on your average mall. On top of that, they have a website and offer flat shipping, so you can order from your house in an instant. Shopping for good dog food had never been easier, and your pet will appreciate it in the long run.

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