The minute we landed in Tokyo I was shocked at how cold the weather was. I am a lover of heat + sun and have never even seen snow before, so I was unaccustomed to this change. The only positive was that I knew food such as udon soups and miso were going to become my new best friend. Weirdly enough, ice-cream seemed to pop up in my hands quite frequently as well. I loved that you could buy the Haagen Dazs Macha (green tea) ice cream at the Family Mart just up the road from the hotel. We would make the journey, pick up our frozen delight, and hurry back to our rooms to eat our treat in warmth.

Our hotel was situated in Shinjuku which was like the Kings Cross of Sydney. Our first night consisted of a group of us walking the streets trying to find an authentic looking Japanese eatery. After half an hour and frostbite starting to develop in my fingers we found our saviour. The place was just what we wanted, and the staff were so happy to serve us, even though a group of eight girls had rocked up near closing time. The place specialised in udon noodle soops, with most of us choosing the mixed tempura combo. The meal hit the spot perfectly, and we discovered that the udon was made by hand in the restaurant.

FamilyMart is the equivelant of Seven Eleven, but 10x better. Even the sushi wrapped in plastic and sold of a shelf in a convenience store is edible and yum. These were some of the packaged meals you can buy and take home to heat up and eat. There are also microwaves in the store for added convenience.

Few more packaged dinners, would definately have tried one if there wasnt so many good sushi bars and restaurants around.

Quick dinner one night in Roppongi. Went for the salmon sashimi with crab, pickles and rice. Extremely filling meal, the bowl is quite deceiving in the photo, there was a lot of rice underneath.

Hehe it’s a Teriyaki Wiener?? Found this at a French Patisserie in Kamakura. Looked like a pancake with a terriyaki flavoured sausage inside.

MMMM some of the pastries, they just looked so perfect.

Went to Akihabara also known as electric city. So many lights and gaming arcades. Came across a sushi train and had to try it to compare it to the ones back home. They dont offer any cooked fish or dishes, all the food is sashimi based, did get some miso soup on the menu, but no edadame.

Absolute heaven! Purchased my friend above at the train station in Shibuya. Chocolate pancake with a vanilla custard inside. The best bit was that it was still warm, and the custrad simply poured out.

We found another little authentic eatery near our hotel, yet they had no English translated menu. We went through and chucked Japanese dish names to the waiter to try and work out what they had on the menu. I struck gold with Agedashi Tofu, and was extremely satisfied.

The toast dessert. These visually applealing cubes are surely a reason to me gaining a few kilos whilst away, but it was worth it. The name says it all with the dessert consisting of loaves of white bread that have been cut into long soldier like pieces, toasted and drizzled with sauce, put back together and then topped with ice cream and more sauce topping. The left was chocolate with coconut ice cream and the right was caramael with vanilla ice cream.

Daifuku…Will you marry me? A strawberry and red bean paste enveloped in Mochi (glutinous rice cake).


On our trip to beautiful Ginza (the Double Bay of Tokyo) we visited the food section of a large department stores. Just a sample of some of the beautiful cakes on display.

Bought a beef terriyaki and fish ball stick to try.

Probably the most expensive salad I bought whilst away, this little 100gm cost me about $6 AUD. I really enjoyed the unique vegetables, and the vibrant colours are what drew me to the salad in the first place.

Tempura prawn sushi, I really enjoyed the presentation of this piece. It also tasted as good as it looked.

Found myself some Froyo. If anyone is in love with Wow Cow in Sydney, they would get as equally excited if they saw a FroYo place in Tokyo, I just had to have one. Chose the fresh strawberries and sweetened cherries.

Fresh tuna being cut, we were still in the Ginza department store at this stage. It’s amazing at how big a tuna fish gets.

Pretty fruit cups of segmented orange and grapefruit.

Albino strawberries? The Japanese like giving gifts of fruit, and we came across some really artistic fruit shops. Unfortunately we didn’t visit japan in the correct season to spot the cube watermelons, which are grown in boxes to get the shape.

Macaroon tower, dusted in a bronze food paint.

After a long and tedious morning of walking through factories, we stopped off at a local shopping centre in Yokohama. I ordered the teppanyaki pork with cabbage and rice. Was so flavoursome and filling. Must admit the teppanyaki in Sydney is not quite the same.

Beautiful Asakusa with it’s temples and lively atmosphere, felt like a school fete on the Saturday we visited. There were plenty of market stalls which were great for picking up souveniers to take back home. The food stalls were equally as good and we grabbed some food on the go. The pink chocolate covered banana was my choice, overly sweet with the chocolate and banana mixture. I kept reminding myself that a majority of the treat was a nice healthy banana, and not a calorie ridden dessert =P.