To celebrate our two year anniversary my boyfriend and I decided to book at Spice Temple, a modern Chinese restaurant owned by the renowned Neil Perry. I am a true lover of spicy food, and sure enough their was plenty of chilli for the chilli lover! The decor of the restaurant was mysterious and sexy to say the least, and after walking down the flight of stairs we were welcomed to the underground venue.

Field strawberries with bison grass vodka and sake

My cocktail choice for the night Mao’s Last Tango- muddled field strawberries with bisson grass vodka (Zubrowka) and sake.

There is a set of 12 cocktails on the menu that are based on the zodiac signs of the Chinese calendar. My boyfriend George went with his sign the Rat and had lavender tea soda with mint and sugar cane spirit. I loved how there was a sprig of lavender served with the drink.

To begin with we ordered an entree to share, the fried squid with five spice and dark chilli paste. Not too spicy and was a good change to normal squid dishes. We also chose a plate of cabbage and radish pickles which are meant to cleanse the palate and cool it from the spiciness…they worked a treat!

The great thing about Spice Temple was that you could get half serves of the main size dishes, we did this for the Kung Pao Chicken which was my favourite dish. As the name suggests, it had a good kick to it. Plenty of large chillis were roughly chopped in, as well as sichuan pepper corns and cashews.

The waiter recomended trying the Stir Fried Wagyu “Ma Po” style which was served with silken tofu. The meat was extremely soft and went well with the texture of the tofu.

Last but not least we had the Whole Steamed Snapper with Black Bean and Salted Chilli. The presentation was stunning to say the least and we sat and admired the beauty of it befure tucking in. This dish wasn’t as spicy as some of the others, but was a good ending to the meal.

Overall we had a lovely evening celebrating with beautiful food, exqusite drinks and great service.

Spice Temple

10 Blight St, Sydney, NSW

Phone: (02) 8078 1888