Friday nights are slowly becoming my favourite night of the’s always exciting knowing that you have the next two days work free, sleep ins can occur, long lunches are doable and you may even have the chance of enjoying some good weather at the beach. Last Friday, we knocked off our first restaurant from The Bucket List. I’ve been to Phamish a few times before but Friday was the first time with my camera. It is my favourite place for Vietnamese food as I love the location, chilled vibe, affordability, great food…and it’s BYO.

Phamish - Darlinghurst - My Kiki Cake - You can BYO wine

There is a BottleO up on Oxford St (5 min walk away) making it easy to grab a bottle whilst you wait for your table. There is a no booking policy but generally it doesn’t take too long with the turnover of tables being pretty fast. We had a half hour wait for a table of five.

Phamish - Darlinghurst - My Kiki Cake - Serve of Phamish Rice Paper Rolls

The concept at Phamish is you go up to the counter to order your food. They only make a certain amount of each dish each night so once they are all sold it is removed from the menu. I normally always order the duck and prawn pancakes, which is a must! But….this time we ordered the Phamish Rice Paper Rolls which are filled with prawns, vegetables, rice noodles and fresh herbs and served with a peanut & hoi sin dipping sauce.

Phamish - Darlinghurst - My Kiki Cake - Fried Rice Dumplings with Chives

We also order the Banh He, Vietnamese home style pan fried Rice Flour Dumplings filled with Garlic Chives and served with a vinegar  soy and sesame dipping sauce.

Phamish - Darlinghurst - My Kiki Cake - Duck Salad with Banana Blossum

Next up…the Banana Blossom Duck Salad. Large pieces of roast duck, shredded banana blossom and herbs in a ginger and lime dressing. The serving portions are always generous and between the five of us, we each receive a decent piece of duck to try.

Phamish - Darlinghurst - My Kiki Cake - Squid Salt & Pepper

I honestly cant fault any of these dishes. The Salt and Pepper Squid is lightly battered and fried and then tossed in salt, pepper, garlic, chilli, shallots and lemongrass.

Phamish - Darlinghurst - My Kiki Cake - Beef Ragu

The Beef Ragu is probably my favourite dish from the night. Similar to a stew, the beef is slow cooked over a long period of time which makes the meat literally melt in your mouth. The dish is heavier then your typical stir fry as the flavours are a lot richer and the meat is a lot fattier.

Phamish - Darlinghurst - My Kiki Cake - Prawn Vietnamese Curry

The Vietnamese Curry with Prawns is a big favourite with the girls. The curry has a hint of spice and is cooked with potatoes and garnished with fresh Thai basil.

Phamish - Darlinghurst - My Kiki Cake - Ginger & Shallot Chicken

Our last dish choice was the Ginger and Shallot Chicken stir fried with broccoli, wood ear mushrooms, shallots and fresh baby corn.

Phamish - Darlinghurst - My Kiki Cake - Side of rice

We order a small serve of rice to share which was good for the dishes that had a lot of sauce and could soak it up.

Between the five of us we each left feeling extremely full and satisfied. Prior to ordering we had each put in $30, with the total cost of our meal being $150. This is extremely reasonable when you consider the quality of the food and the large serving sizes.

Phamish - Darlinghurst - My Kiki Cake - So much food

Our little table laden in food…

Phamish - Darlinghurst - My Kiki Cake - Ana Banana

Ana my pretty sister.

Phamish - Darlinghurst - My Kiki Cake - Isi

Mid-action eating pose…skilled for the camera.

Phamish - Darlinghurst - My Kiki Cake - Damo

Alessia the beauty and Damo the blur…

Phamish - Darlinghurst - My Kiki Cake - Me


Phamish - Darlinghurst - My Kiki Cake - Last in the restaurant

Isi the last one at our table…she couldn’t leave without finishing her glass of wine. Good egg!


248 Palmer Street, Sydney, NSW 

Ph: (02) 9357 2688

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