So here we have my first every instance of blogging a place for the second time, hence why I have aptly named this post ”Take 2′ (Check out my first post here). Ms G’s in its cosy terrace like location in Potts Point is a must visit for those wanting a fun night out, without spending too much money, in a hip suburb in Sydney with the added plus of having a bar upstairs to drink at whilst you wait for your table (no they don’t take bookings). Owned by the Merivale group, the head chefs Dan Hong & Patrick Friesen surely know how to put a menu together and keep the crowds coming back. After about two years since my first visit, it seems to take even longer to get a table…well worth the wait though!

Ms G's - Pott's Point - My Kiki Cake - Victoria St Potts Point outside Ms G's

Our dining occasion was on Saturday night which explained why the whole front of the restaurant was covered in rainbow streamers…Mardi Gras!!!

Ms G's - Pott's Point - My Kiki Cake - Waiting for a table

Told that we would have to wait for a table for 1.5 hours we headed upstairs to the bar for a cocktail. The bar is covered in poster art which is actually quite addictive to read as you get swamped with a mixture of quirky article titles and magazine covers.

Ms G's - Pott's Point - My Kiki Cake - No No No sign

My favourite piece…

Ms G's - Pott's Point - My Kiki Cake - Packaged G’n & T’d Slushee

Packaged cocktail anyone? Hells to the yes….my choice, the G’n & T’d Slushee with Beefeater gin, green apple and peach liquor, pink grapefruit juice, jasmine & tapioca pearls garnished with fresh mint.

Ms G's - Pott's Point - My Kiki Cake - 1.5 hour wait

Waiting..Waiting..Waiting for a table…what would we do without smartphones to help pass the time.

Ms G's - Pott's Point - My Kiki Cake - Ms. G's Interior

Finally our table gets called and I snap this shot on the way down. The restaurant is split over five levels, from the kitchen in the basement to three split levels of dining area and the bar at the top.

Ms G's - Pott's Point - My Kiki Cake - Mini bánh mì

As soon as we were seated we got to ordering some entrees to share. A mini banh mi for everyone with all of us choosing the pork belly option and Alessia going for the chicken katsu. So tasty but I don’t think anything will ever beat the pork belly bun from Momofuku Noodle Bar in New York (stay tuned for my NY blog posts). These are also quite pricey at $6 each but I can justify it when it tastes that good.

Ms G's - Pott's Point - My Kiki Cake - Corn on the Cob Grilled

Generally I am not the biggest corn eater as I hate getting it stuck in my teeth, but grill it, brush it in chilli sauce, shave parmesan on it and a squeeze of lemon and I’m all up for the idea.

Ms G's - Pott's Point - My Kiki Cake - $4 a piece Corn Cob

Who would have thought corn could taste so good…

Ms G's - Pott's Point - My Kiki Cake - Prawn Toast with Herbs and Aioli

The third appetiser choice..Prawn toast served with yuzu aioli and herbs. The toast is super crunchy which is great for bite, but the dish is completed by the herbs which add freshness and break up the oil from the fried base.

Ms G's - Pott's Point - My Kiki Cake - Dan Hong Crunchy Vegetable Salad

Dan Hong’s crunchy vegetable salad with a white soy and ginger vinaigrette. The crunchy pieces on the top are extremely similar to corn flakes and go really well with the velvety textured mushrooms.

Ms G's - Pott's Point - My Kiki Cake - La Familia and Friends

My brother Damo, Alessia and Jes on one side of the booth. We all sat there choosing a main meal each, with me making sure there were no double ups so I could capture heaps of dishes.

Ms G's - Pott's Point - My Kiki Cake - Ribs in Sweet & Sour Sauce

Damo chose Jow’s sweet & sour lamb ribs in the thickest and stickiest sauce ever. I devoured one and loved it but I think after a whole plate I would have felt rather ill as the sauce is sweeeeet. Definitely recommend sharing the dish (well actually, all the plates are meant to be shared) or having a side salad to accompany it.

Ms G's - Pott's Point - My Kiki Cake - DIY Chilli Lamb Sang Choy Bao

I chose the DIY Sang Choy Bao which came with cos lettuce leaves a smoked eggplant sambal and sichuan chilli lamb which was cooked through with peanuts, corn and shallots.

Ms G's - Pott's Point - My Kiki Cake - SCB Sichuan Chilli Lamb

The sichuan lamb was super spicy….just the way I like it.

Ms G's - Pott's Point - My Kiki Cake - Roast Barra with Sambal and Watermelon

Alessia went with the roasted Barramundi with Sambal Matah (sambal is a chilli condiment and matah means that it is fresh, not cooked) and Watermelon.

Ms G's - Pott's Point - My Kiki Cake - Malay Butter Prawns

Isi chose the Malaysian style Butter Prawns with Curry Leaf, Chilli and Lime.

Ms G's - Pott's Point - My Kiki Cake - Time for food

Isi’s ‘happy I chose this dish’ face…

Ms G's - Pott's Point - My Kiki Cake - Stir Fried Egg Noodles

This was the food envy dish of the night, the one that everyone was considering to order at the beginning, and wishing it had been them in the end. Thanks to Jes she let us all try her stirred Egg Noodles with Edamame, Shitake Mushroom, Soft Poached Egg and Vegetarian XO sauce.

Ms G's - Pott's Point - My Kiki Cake - Mix the Noodles

Beautifully presented at the beginning, it needed a good stir through with the chopsticks to get everything combined.

My first animated gif attempt…super easy to do after reading some tutorial on Google.

Ms G's - Pott's Point - My Kiki Cake - Dessert Stoner's Delight 2.0

We had all over-eaten but thought that one dessert between us would be a spoonful of sweetness to each enjoy. Our choice…the Stoner’s Delight 2.0 made up of doughnut ice cream, peanut butter smeared on the base, raspberry jam, candied bacon, potato chips, mars bar slice and a banana fritter. There was just so much going on you wanted to try it all. The candied bacon was surprisingly good with the sweet/salty factor happening but the best bit was definitely the banana fritter.

Ms G's - Pott's Point - My Kiki Cake - Candied Bacon in the Stoner's Delight

Ms G’s

155 Victoria Street, Potts Point, NSW, 2011

Ph: (02) 9240 3000


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 Happy hump day everyone, enjoy the rest of the week….My next post will most likely be back to the euro trip xxxx

Ms. G’s – Potts Point – Take 1