Having visited Fratelli Paradiso on a few occasions in the past, I though it was time for a much needed re-visit. The venue is made up of a restaurant with an adjoining bakery. We decided to have something light – opted for the bakery side – and grabbed a seat outside and ordered our mid-morning treats. Fratelli Paradsio is extremely popular within it’s vicinity at Darlinghurst, and you will often have to wait for a table. The restaurant serves modern Italian food (traditional Italian dishes that have been revamped) with the menu changing frequently and being written in Italian on a large black board instead of menus – we get the waiter to recite it to us.

To start the morning off we grabbed our coffees and then ordered inside where the bakery items are on display. A favourite of ours is the jam filled donuts which to our dismay had sold out already, so we went for a a croissant and choice of two pizzas.

The croissant was ever so delicate and light on the inside, with a thin crispness on the outside. We had seen our French friends dip their croissant into their coffee before and eat it that way, so feeling adventurous we both tried it, and I must say it tasted pretty damn good.

We then had two pizza slices to share. The left was the ham and mushroom and the right was cheese, tomato and basil. There are two things I absolutely love about Fratelli, the first is how they serve their pizza, on wooden chopping boards which gives it a very rustic feel, and the second is how perfect they get the base on their pizzas. The base is neither dry nor doughy, but rather airy with a slight crunch to it.

If your in the area and want a small bite to eat I definitely recommend swinging past the Fratelli Paradiso bakery, but I also recommend a visit to the restaurant, I’m pretty certain that you won’t be disappointed.

Fratelli Paradiso

12-16 Challis Ave, Potts Point, NSW

Phone: (02) 9357 1744

Web: www.fratelliparadiso.com