The Vatican was an extremely surreal experience for me as I never imagined it to be so grandeur in scale. The moment we stepped inside St Peter’s Basilica, I was honestly swept away.  On my previous visits to the eternal city I had visited the Vatican, but never succumbed to joining the other thousands of tourists queuing in the sun waiting to go inside. This time was different though, winter in Rome still brings a lot of tourists but nowhere near as many as July/August. Even if you have to wait in line, as long as you’re decently dressed for the cold weather you should be fine.

For any that don’t know, the Vatican is the centre of the Roman Catholic Church, with Vatican City being its own independent country. They say that the area and its surrounds are filled with more history and artwork then most cities in the world. To truly enjoy the experience, I suggest paying the 7 euro (stairs and lift) or 5 euro (just stairs) to climb to the lookout at the top of the Basilica. Even with the lift, the climb is still 323 steps, but it is well worth it (All that exercise means you can get away with eating more pizza later). Not only do you get an aerial view of Rome, but you stand inside the dome and look down at the Basilica itself. What impressed me the most was the artwork found surrounding all of the walls and roof. I could not comprehend the amount of detail and sheer size of the artworks, it really was incredible. For anyone going to Rome…you MUST visit. I promise, you wont be disappointed.

Much more of Rome to come soon. Enjoy the rest of the weekend amici xxx