Give me a year to travel around Greece and explore all of its cities, islands, mountains, villages and beaches and I will eternally be in your debt. All countries are beautiful in their own way and with Greece being my home, I have a very special place for it in my heart. Driving from Athens to Patras in the Peloponnese takes approximately three hours. I must admit, the roads are terrible and the drivers crazy. We stopped off at a few different locations to take a break from the car travel monotony, grab coffees, eat food and stretch our legs. My favourite stop was definitely Loutraki, a seaside town on the Gulf of Corinth. The area is well known for its natural springs and therapeutic spas and they also supply bottled water to the rest of Greece. You will see from these photos that the water is undeniably pristine and although it was the middle of winter and rather cold, I would have loved to go swimming (at the risk of catching hypothermia). Next time I spend summer in Greece I will need to return.

Old & Young <3

Take me back to Europe…….pretty please xxx