Yeia sas filoi and welcome to my first blog on Greece =D.

Call me biased, but Lefkada is the most amazing place in the world. This is the birthplace of my mum and voted one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. Lefkada is in the Ionian sea to the west coast of Greece (not on the Mykonos side). Yes there are plenty of tourists who visit, but mention Lefkada to any Australian holidaying in Greece and they will most likely not have heard of it. You will see from the pictures that the water is the bluest of blue, the beaches are beautiful and the food is fresh. If your travelling mainland Greece by car, Lefkada is also a perfect option as it is connected to the mainland by a long floating bridge so you dont need to worry about those unreliable ferry boats.

Kathisma Beach Lefkada

There is no shortage of beaches to choose from but I would say my overall favourite is Kathisma. The water is crystal clear, there is plenty of space to relax or play some racket ball and there are numerous cafes/bars so you are never too far away from a frappe or something stronger.

Lefkada- Kathisma Beach

Kathisma in the late afternoon…

Quad Bikes in Lefkada

Our rides….so much fun, but unfortunately our quads were not too powerful. We were in Lefkada for 9 days so we hired a car for the rest of the week which is a much cheaper/faster/safer option.

Riding quads and exploring beaches in Lefkada Greece

Admiring the view whilst driving along the coast. I cant remember the name of this beach, but if you are driving to Kathisma from Lefkada Town you wont miss it.

Best Greek meal for 2 euro - Gyros

Now to get excited about the food. Since this is my first Greek post, there will be many more Gyros (Greek kebab) photos to post. Not only are these heavenly wraps tasty and filling, they are only 2.50 euro making it the perfect meal for someone on a budget. A typical gyros is grilled pita bread, either shaved meat or a souvlaki stick, chicken or pork, tzatziki, tomato, onion…Nothing beats it!

Huge serving of Souvlaki in Lefkada Greece

Similar to the gyros, you can get the plate version, I guess we can call it the deconstructed gyros. These are slightly more expensive but you get about triple the amount of food.

Most beautiful beach in Europe / Greece

Example of another amazing beach: Porto Katsiki. A lot of people may have actually seen this beach used in general advertising to show off Greek beaches. Situated in the south of Lefkada, Porto Katsiki beach can only be reached by a small staircase which leads down to the sand. It’s cliff side beauty pulls a lot of tourists in the summer so the beach can be quite crowded. On the day we decided to visit, the beach was closed due to rough waters so swimming was not an option.

Porto Katsiki Beach Lefkada Absolutely Beautiful

We still enjoyed our time and took many photos with the most breathtaking back drop.

Frappe time at Porto Katsiki Lefkada Greece

There are a few cafes/canteens at the top of the cliff. We chose one and lounged on the couches with our frappes (cold coffee) and enjoyed the view below.

Xouras Fish Taverna – Ligia, Lefkada

Each day when we would drive from Nydri to Lefkada town, we would see this fish taverna right on the water and made sure we visited it during our stay on the island. Not only is the seafood fresh and tasty, but the tables are right on the edge giving you a perfect view of Ligia bay. I didn’t capture the surroundings but you can see how beautiful the restaurant is at this article here.

Tzatziki at a Fish Taverna Lefkada

We started off with some tzatziki which tastes great on its own with bread or with grilled seafood.

Cant get enough of anchovies in Lefkada Greece

Greek style anchovy fillets which are meatier and bigger then normal anchovies. They are also not as salty as store bought jarred anchovies.

Summer affair with Greek Salad

To get our serve of fresh vegetables we order the cucumber and tomato salad. Exactly like a Greek salad minus the feta cheese.

Fetta Saganaki- Fish Taverna Lefkada Greece

Our reason for not ordering the Greek salad….baked feta with tomatoes. The texture of the cheese completely changes, and becomes smoother and soft with the tomatoes being a great accompaniment.

Xtopodi (Octopus) Lefkada Greece

We each selected a different piece of seafood so we could try a bit of everything. I chose the xtapodi (octopus) and was impressed at the size of the leg that was served out to me. It was cooked perfectly on the skara (grill) with the meat being firm and perfectly garnished with olive oil, oregano and lemon.

Barbounia Fish- Only found in Greece

These little fishies which have been fried are Barbounia (red mullet). Barbounia are extremely tasty, and can be on the pricier side compared to other fish. They are well worth the price and something you must try when in Greece as they are hard to come by anywhere else. Trust me, you wont be disappointed and if your not big on fried fish you can always get them grilled.

Squid - Lefkada Greece

Our last choice is the kalamari (squid) also done on the skara and cooked to perfection with the crispy edges adding that great smokey grilled flavour.

No doubt I will be back on our next trip to Lefkada as nothing beats fresh air, tasty seafood and the beautiful Lefkada night ambience.

Xouras Fish Taverna

Lygia, Lefkada (no address published but there are only 1 or 2 other restaurants on the bay so you cant miss it)

Ph: +30 2645071312

Pappou in the Village- Exanthia Lefkada Greece

My Yiayia and Pappou (grandparents) were also in Lefkada at the same time as they often spend a few months over there in the Greek summer. We went up a few times to visit them in the village of Exanthia for lunch.

Roadside Shrine in Exanthia Lefkada Greece

Quite common in Greece are the roadside shrines for people who have passed. Inside a candle and a photo of a saint is often placed for remembrance. This one was just outside my grandparents house and looked very serene with the blue sky and clouds in the back drop.

Lefkada on Instragram

I thought I would aslo share some photos that I posted on Instagram whilst in Lefkada so you can see it and love it as much as I do.

Breakfast of yoghurt, Greek honey, apricot and cherries

Breakfast of thick and creamy Greek yoghurt, fresh honey from the island, apricots and cherries.

After meal fruit- Karpouzi (Watermelon)

Nothing ends a meal better then a bit of karpouzi (watermelon).

Sunset in Lefkada Town, ready for the night ahead

Sunset shot in Lefkada Town which is probably the most central and convenient place to stay. It also has the best nightlife on the island and a great atmosphere at night when everyone is out and about.

Tiropita (Cheese Pie) Lefkada Greece

Breakfast of champions…Tiropita (cheese pie)! Get to the bakeries early to grab one of these and you are set for the rest of the day. Crispy hand rolled dough surrounds the filling of cheese and egg. Of course you dont have to eat this just at breakfast, but they always taste best when they have just come out of the oven and are still warm.

Bring these to Australia please... Pagotakia (mini ice creams)

Another Grecian favourite of mine which we dont have at home is payotakia (mini ice creams). Coming home after a day at the beach and knowing you have these in your freezer is pure bliss. There not too big not too small. You can buy these at most zaxaroplasteia (patisserie) in the freezer section…obviously!

Basking in the summer sun at Kathisma Beach Lefkada

I couldn’t think of a better photo to end this post with. This is at Kathisma beach in the late afternoon and pretty much sums up our time in Lefkada…AMAZING!

I know my opinion is biased, but I think I have put a pretty good case forward in showing you why Lefkada is truly special. Have a good weekend everyone :) next post is Amsterdam…we slightly jumped from Greece to Western Europe and then back down to Greece again.