Soo I have been MIA for over a month now…been slightly side tracked with the whole travelling thing. I thought it would be a lot easier to blog on the go but just finding decent wifi is a struggle in itself. Today I share with you the second part of my Kuala Lumpur photos, I think we ate a bit too much when we were there. Anyways since KL I have been around Europe and done Roma, Naples, Ischia, Positano, Lefkada, Amsterdam, Belgium (for Tomorrowland), Paris, Mykonos and now I find myself in beautiful Santorini sitting on our cliff face balcony watching the sunset. Life is HARD!.

Colourful street food which I unfortunately was not game enough to try. Not sure how my stomach would take meat that has been sitting in direct sunlight but it sure makes a pretty picture.

Now this I did eat, fresh fruit including green & yellow mango, watermelon, pineapple and melon. Its actually crazy how cheap food is in KL with each bag being about $1 AUD.

The indoor roller coaster we had to go on at Berjaya Times Square shopping centre. There was a complete theme park inside this multi floor shopping complex. Cray!!

NZ Garden Cafe- Jalan Ampang

This outdoor restaurant was right next to our hotel and packed each night with locals which was a reassuring sign that we had to try it out.

Sweet ice tea & ice tea with milk

We each got a serve of quite possibly the best tandoori chicken I have ever had. It was served with a mint and cucumber dip that was slightly spicy and pickled vegetables.

I am a bit obsessed with prawns so we had to order them in the spicy curry sauce.

The roti was light a fluffy and perfect for dipping into the curry sauce.

My first try of Nasi Lemak has made me fall in love with the dish, coconut milk steamed rice with fried anchovies, golden fried egg and spicy sambal. Cant wait to eat more of this when I am back home, I am definitely missing good Asian food in Europe.

Last but not least we also ordered a chicken curry that was in the same sauce as the prawns.

The wait staff were really helpful and ensured that we got to try some traditional Malay cuisine. I was shocked when we received the bill and worked out that the whole meal cost just under $10 AUD each between the four of us.

NZ  Garden Cafe

Jalan Ampang (next to Menara Public Bank) 

Kuala Lumpur

Lai Po Heen- Yum Cha-Mandarin Oriental

After shopping at KLCC one day we all decided that Yum Cha would be a good idea for lunch. We headed to the Mandarin Oriental which houses the restaurant Lai Po Heen a Chinese restaurant that specialise in Cantonese cuisine.

The interior decor of the restaurant was stunning with a large viewing glass into the kitchen.

The interior seating area…

Beautiful cutlery and place settings with those being the heaviest chopsticks I have ever held.

Array of condiments to go along with your dishes, the chilli paste in the bottom right was really good.

We saw a table ordering these drinks so thought we should give it a try. The concoction was rose syrup with lemonade and longan fruit. Overall it was very sweet so not my cup of tea, but the longan fruit tasted good as it was infused with the rose syrup and fizziness of the lemonade.

Steamed broccoli served with garlic and oyster sauce

The steamed shrimp rice paper rolls with yellow chives. Other then dumplings these are definitely an all time favourite Yum Cha pick.

The steamed duck dumplings with water chestnuts were a bit disappointing as they were quite dry in texture which you can even see in the photo.

Our next dumpling choice was the steamed vegetarian pumpkin with spinach and mushroom. Again these were not the most appetising dumplings I have had as there wasn’t enough flavour and moisture. I guess I am used to the high standard of dumplings we can find in Sydney but I was expecting a bit more from a restaurant in a 5 star hotel.

Now the flavours started rolling in. The steamed prawn and chicken bean curd rolls with satay sauce were something I had never tried before but something I would definitely like to see on the menu again.

You always need some form of deep fried food and we opted for the crispy prawn and squid dumplings coated in almonds. The outer crunchiness of the almonds was definitely the winner for me with the inside being pillowy soft and the seafood being cooked perfectly.

The stir fried beef tenderloin with black pepper was cooked so well it just melt in your mouth. I was reminded of the amazing beef that Phamish in Sydney serve up.

Another side of greens for the table, this time we got the Kai Lan in oyster sauce, a must have at any Yum Cha table.

It was then time for dessert and being unable to decide we got three to share. Above is a mango pannacotta served with a melon ball dumpling. To be honest it didn’t have much flavour but the presentation was definitely pretty.

Black sesame, greet tea and vanilla ice cream with roasted almonds and caramel sauce.

The bite size mango pudding with a chocolate tuile and mango sauce.

Overall there were some really good dishes and some really average ones. I prefer the more traditional Yum Cha where the food comes around on trolleys and your in some chaotic dining hall, this one was a bit too formal for me.

Lai Po Heen

Mandarin Oriental Hotel 

Kuala Lumpur

PH: +60 (3) 2179 8885


Night time shot of the Petronas Towers

My next post will be from our time in Italy. Hopefully I can get it up a bit quicker then this one.