So here we are in Kuala Lumpur…first stop of our travelling adventure. This city is known for it’s great food and we have surely been enjoying it over the last few days. I have picked out some of the photos I have taken (mainly of food) to whet your appetite and conjure a streak of jealousy for those of you stuck in the Sydney cold.

Awesome view from out Hotel (Maya) of the Petronas Towers

Fresh cut mango and pineapple from KLCC supermarket

Drink stand at the markets which was so cheap 1 ringitt  (approx 33c AUD) for a cup with ice…refreshing in the extreme KL humidity

Street art on the river near one of the komuter stations

My new Hello Kitty glasses!! This Hello Kitty store was at Petaling markets, all of the stuff was quite expensive and I’m not really sure if it was real Sanrio or fake.

The Hello Kitty boys!

Quick stop off for lunch at Secret Recipe (which seems to be everywhere in KL). The laksa was surprisingly better then I thought it would be and was perfect after having shopped for about 6 hours.

Chicken satay sticks severed with cucumber and onions

School bus on the walk home…it didn’t look too safe

Al Amer Express Restaurant- Bukit Bintang

One night we headed to Al Amer express restaurant on Bukit Bintang which is Middle Eastern food. We wanted to head to the main restaurant on the top floor of the Pavillion shopping centre but it had closed by the time we got there.

Fattoush salad

Labne (marinated yoghurt cheese with a pool of olive oil)

Oven roasted chilli chicken on some lebanese bread

Manoush pizza- pizza base topped with za’atar

Al Amer Express 

Lot G-44 (01), G-44(02), G-44(03), Ground Floor, Fahrenheit 88, 
179 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

Ph: 03-2141 3814


My first try of durian at the markets on Jalan Alor, which is the parallel street to Bukit Bintang

Inside of a durian, with our gloves on we dug into it. I enjoyed the fruit but it was quite overpowering and true to the rumours the smell was very pungent.

Dragon-I Restaurant – Pavilion Shopping Centre

Whilst shopping one day at the huge Pavilion shopping centre we stop off at Dragon-I for some lunch time dumpling fix.

Meat filled soup dumplings…the broth was amazing!

Next we opt for the hot chilli meat dumplings, perfectly encased in their wrapper with a juicy filling and spicy sauce

Being in the mood for chilli, we then order the Szechuan prawn and chicken dish. We didn’t realise that it was a deep fried dish as I am not the biggest fan, but the spiciness was delightful

And to finish off we get a plate of the kai lan in oyster sauce…need to keep our veggie intake up =P

Dragon-i Restaurant

Lot 1.13, Level 1, Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

160 Jalan Bukit Bintang

Ph: +60321437688


Cocktails at level 13 of the hotel…delightful!!

Fatty Crab Restaurant – Taman Seputeh

After Googling around to find the best crab place in Kuala Lumpur we found out about Fatty Crab  with Time Out voting it the best seafood restaurant in 2011. The place is a bit further out of the city so we jumped in a cab and ended up walking a bit of the way as the cab driver had no idea where we were heading.

We tried our very first kodondong drink which is this small oval like green fruit which they juice every day, it tasted so refreshing. The lady who owned the restaurant said the assisted with digestion, perfect thing after the amount we ate.

We are first given some dried fish things, tasty but not really my thing

These are the deliciously yummy rolls we were served to go along with our crab and soak up all the sauce.

Our crab number one of choice is in the creamy salted egg sauce. Cracking open the shell and coating the flesh in the sauce had to be that tastiest thing I have eaten in a while.

Crab number two…the chilli crab. Just as amazing as the first with the chilli flavour winning me over

Our third dish is prawns coated in some sort of cereal and dead fried, they were tasty and an interesting way to eat prawns but a bit dry for my liking.

Green accompaniments…kai lan with seaweed

Steamed broccoli and seaweed

Group shot after dinner :) these are the three girls I am travelling with.

Overall I would recommend for anyone in KL to visit this was fantastic. All up our bill was $100 AUD, which was $25 each, so cheap for the amount of food we ate and the amazing quality.

Fatty Crab

62-2, Ground Floor, Jalan Bukit Raja, Tampan Seputeh


So there we have it, this is only half the photos that I have taken in KL…more to come soon. I am currently sitting in our hostel in Napoli after just leaving from Rome, I have plenty of foodie shots to blog about in the next day or so..thankfully this place has wireless not like our place in Roma.

Ciao for now…it’s pizza time xxx