I am currently sitting on a flight from New York to Las Vegas and thought it was the perfect opportunity to do a blog post! I am loving the fact that Delta airlines offer wifi on their flights…it definitely makes the 5.5 hour haul slightly more bearable. Our next Italian destination after Napoli brought us to the beautiful island of Ischia which lies in the norther end of the Gulf of Naples. My friend Isabelle has the most beautiful and hospitable family who live on the island and offered to let us stay with them for two nights. The beautiful thing about this island is that it hasn’t been overly inhabited by toursits like other cities in Italy. The island is volcanic so if you do visit, you will most likely find a lot of the tourists at the thermal spas which are known for their healing powers with thermal hot springs and volcanic mud.

Over the two days we ate some of the most amazing Italian food with Isabelle’s family. Lunch is the main meal of the day where we all sat down at the big outdoor dining table right near the vegetable garden.  The table would be laden with pasta, cheese, cured meats, salad and other delicacies. I am kicking myself now for not taking any photos at lunch. I did manage to capture our meal at Coca Mare and some scenery shots of the landscape to show you how beautiful the island is.

Ischia Italy Food & Travel - My Kiki Cake | Landscape

Beautiful view from the hill where the apartment was situated.

Ischia castle where we had our first beach swim for the trip. It was good to put our bikinis on and sit in the sun on the rocks right beneath the castle!

Ristorante Coco – Aragonese Pl

Ristorante Coco is situated right near the Castle Aragonese and has a beautiful setting right on the water. We had lunch here on our last day before heading off for our ferry to Positano. This meal was by far the freshest and tastiest meal we had in all of Italy. If anyone is in Ischia I couldn’t recommend anywhere better to eat for authentic Italian cuisine.

Peaches and wine, so simple but so perfect during the summer. I will definitely be doing this back in Sydney when peaches are in season.

Sitting at lunch…Antonia, Jes & Isabelle <3

We started off with some antipasti of white anchovies with parsley and garlic….I find the white variety to not be as salty and fishy as the dark anchovies. Either way they taste good with bread and dipped into oil.

Olives in Ischia Italy Food & Travel - My Kiki Cake

Italian green olives.

Melanzana, cooked eggplants with tomatoes, basil and shaved parmesan.

Fried zucchini | Ischia Italy Food & Travel - My Kiki Cake |

Savoury fried doughnut bread balls.

Ischia Italy Food & Travel - My Kiki Cake | Marinated Octopus

Octopus in parsley, garlic, lemon and olive oil.

Ischia Italy Food & Travel - My Kiki Cake |  My plate of antipasto

My plate with a little bit of everything to try….of course my antipasti is accompanied with a nice thick piece of fresh bread to lap up everything at the end.

Ischia Italy Food & Travel - My Kiki Cake |  Seafood & Spaghetti

Feeling satisfied with my antipasti I thought lunch was over, until the spaghetti with a mixture of freshly cooked seafood came out. I couldn’t resist and had to try eating it all as I dont think I will ever have such a perfect pasta until I am next back in Ischia.

Ristorante Coco

1 Aragonese Pl, Ischia

Ph: 081 981 823

Web: http://www.ristorantecocoischia.com/ 

Our two days in Ischia were pure bliss and we left with full stomachs and the starting developments of a suntan. If you are in the Amalfi and doing a day trip, or wanting to pick an Italian island destination, I would recommend Ischia in a heart beat. I am sure you wont be disappointed in what it has to offer. My next post will be on Positano in the Amalfi Coast, our last destination in Italy. Currently we have 8 days left of the trip and will finally be coming home after 4 amazing months of seeing the world. I will be sure to post more frequently upon my return as I still have so many food and travel photos to share with you all.

Ciao for now amici xxx