I have come to realise that I took a f*** load (excuse my French) of photos on my recent trip to Europe, and will most likely spend the first half of this year blogging them all. To show the comparison, I took approximately the same amount of photos on this four week trip, as I did in 2012 on my four month trip. Yikes!

I didn’t want to keep blabbing on about the amazing time I had and the things I saw, without giving you some visual evidence. The 19504482013893 other photos will have to wait for now, as today I have put together this post with all my Instagram photos of Europe. For those of you that follow me (kiki_diamant), sorry for showing you twice. Although I have post-euro/travel/holiday depression, I still love the fact that I can use my blog to share these photos with you all, and hopefully inspire & excite you for your own travel adventures. Enjoy xxx

Roma – Italy

Athens & Patras – Greece

Paris – France