Kalimera! It hit me this morning that summertime is nearly over for another season, the thought instantly made my Thursday morning that little bit worse. I guess we cant complain though, we have been pretty lucky with the weather these past few weeks, and I even managed to get a tan after five weeks of European winter. The only benefit of the change in season….I’m already winter wardrobe ready!

Achaia Clauss (pronounced a-high-ya kl-oow-se) is a Greek winery located in Patras in the Peloponnese. Whilst driving around Patras (we stayed here for 10 days as this is where my Dad is from and I have bundles of family that live in the city or close by) I kept reading the road signs leading up to the winery and found the name to be particularly odd for Greece..it sounded so German! Well, it seems that even the Germans understood, that this area of Greece is perfect for growing grapes and making wine. The winery was opened in 1861 by the Bavarian Gustav Clauss and is well known for its fortified red wine, Mavrodaphne. We walked around, I snapped away, we tried some wine, purchased a bottle and went on our merry way. The place was eerily deserted, but I can imagine that there is more atmosphere in the summertime when there are more tourists in the area.

Until next time Chin-Chin xxx